Accounting and Cashflow Management


  • To establish an outsourced platform that would allow Erica to control cash flow and focus on business growth with key clients,
  • To support divers team meeting the needs of demanding service clients


  • Stage 1: A six-month program, starting with the recruitment of an Accountant. This team member will set-up the accounting and cashflow management processes that allowed Erica to spend minimal time on financial management issues
  • Weekly work in progress meetings were set up with the PBO team member that allowed Erica to integrate the PBO global team member into her Sydney based client service team
  • The project team are still operating and gradually building increased measurability into Erica’s business, enabling the team to build profitable sales growth

Impact on business

Erica business has grown 10% year on year in a tough market against stiff competition


PBOGlobal distinguishes itself through its professionalism, efficiency and quality of service. The PBOGlobal team is engaged in our business to drive our efficiencies, remove unnecessary back office work from our Australian teams and to ensure that we spend more time on our clients to provide the difference in the market that we promise. the needs of the outsourced team and our Australian branches and have a genuine interest and commitment to excellence since the inception of our partnership


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