Administration and Accounting Support Services

The client is an Accounting Firm based in New South Wales.They work with businesses across different industries to help them stay ahead of their accounting and tax requirements. The firm seeks a high level of administration and reports management support for them.


  • To help the firm achieve higher efficiency in delivering Accounting services to their clients by allowing its Accountants and Directors to focus on their core tasks that are essential to the business.
  • To scale the operations but with great consideration on labor cost-efficiency.


  • Define the scope of tasks which the Administration and Finance Associate will perform and identify the necessary skills required to perform these tasks.
  • Build a set of applicants which are potential for the job and propose the best-fit candidates for client’s evaluation
  • Identify the safety mechanisms and security measures both online and offline to ensure that confidential data and information are well protected.
  • Involve the Administration and Finance Associate on a weekly staff training by the firm.

Impact on business

  • The firm experienced an ease on administrative tasks such as Timesheet Monitoring, Payment Arrangement Monitoring, Bank Reconciliation, Receipting and other Accounting Support Services.
  • The monitoring and weekly reports generated by the Admin Associate help the firm to process transactions on time.

The Accounting Expo held in Sydney we attended back in 2017 got us all convinced the benefits of Outsourcing. Feedback from fellow tax agents are very promising.They seem to have the most economical & practical offer at the time from the rest of the other Outsourcing companies.PBO has always been accommodating with us. We have a very healthy relationship & we want to keep it that way for as long as we’re in business together.


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