Business Intelligence Reporting

Business Intelligence Reporting


  • To have an experienced Business Intelligence Developer ( BI) on-tap to develop real-time Business Intelligence reporting across several Franchised Retail stores and Corporate Businesses operated by the client.
  • To develop a Business Intelligence reporting platform template for each Business type which could be on-sold to other Franchisees and develop an income stream to support further Business Intelligence investment.


  • Stage 1: Recruit and train an experienced Business Intelligence Developer in specific Business Intelligence software.
  • Stage 2: Familiarize the Business Intelligence Developer with the two Business Models and the various software and reporting inputs required to be incorporated in the Business Intelligence platform.
  • Stage 3: Develop the platform for core business Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Impact on business

The client now has the basis of a very smart real-time platform in use. Development is ongoing. Decisions about core KPI’s such as staffing ratios, expenses management, primary product sales relative to Target and gross margin improvement are now able to be made quickly and effectively with more functionality to come.


Royce has been instrumental in setting up and automating our current antiquated ways of reporting and analysing our business. It has been a pleasure dealing with Royce and the team, no request has gone unanswered or any trouble to fulfill. I highly recommend PBO to anyone that wants to streamline their business for reduced cost. We have seen immediate benefit to the business, both in administration needs, staff results and hassle free reporting.

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