Commercial Contract Outsourcing

Our client, one of the leading law firms based in Sydney, Australia, required a time-intensive and high-quality legal review and research on Commercial contract, Lease Agreements and Conveyancing. This needed to be presented to the Legal team for review before being delivered to the end client.


  • Faster turn-around-time – The client required the activity to be completed within a very short period of time, as their ultimate client wanted to file contracts as early as possible.
  • Their internal legal department was overworked and lacked bandwidth to analyse & prioritise their vast portfolio of client cases and summarise the key fields.
  • They wanted to combat the issue of high-cost associated with legal research and review.


As the subject in question required high calibre and quality support, PBO Global deployed its HR Department to find the best available resources with good command of the Australian Law System to research and notate all documentation after a review.

  • PBO Global established a client dedicated team compromising experts with good knowledge of the Australian Law System.
  • Conducted intensive research on thousands of electronic pages for privilege, relevancy, and responsiveness.
  • Received and researched various articles-free and paid, relevant legislation, case laws on the topic.
  • Performed a base lining of client’s existing search results.
  • Drafted a comprehensive Memo of Law on the topic.

Business Solution

Based on the research, the client was able to gain insight into the technicalities involved and advised its ultimate client accordingly and could thereby comply with the relevant regulations. We not only helped our client increase its team efficiency but also improved their responsiveness as a legal department.

  • The memo was populated with relevant data as per regulations in Australian Jurisdiction.
  • Enabled the client to meet deadlines.
  • Cost savings of over 60% were realized.

The enabled solution allowed us build deeper transparency in our existing client as they were extremely pleased with the quality and accuracy of the work product.

Impact on business:

Michael and his legal team have been enabled to grow and expand their business to support the requirements of much larger cases and greater volume. Driving better profitability and increased client satisfaction.


I want to commend you on the excellent legal services you provided in connection with our recent client matters. You have all the attributes I expect in a great outsourcing firm: knowledge and seasoned experience, professionalism, integrity, strategic thinking, enthusiasm, and responsiveness.

You are more experienced and knowledgeable than the outsourcing firms I have dealt with in the past, however working with you on this transaction you were able to prove that although I had a poor experience with the last firm, I look forward to working with you ongoing. Not to mention that you provided services at a level above theirs (though at a more favourable rate).

On a more personal note, I very much enjoyed working with you. Your dedication, concern and interest my client satisfaction and in me as a client were very much appreciated. In summary, you have earned my most enthusiastic recommendation.


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