Technical Support Solutions

Technical Support Solutions


  • To establish an outsourced team that would allow Steve to grow his ICT business, manage multiple teams across multiple locations geographically and that will allow him and his core management team to focus on developing more cloud-based solutions and improving service delivery to their existing clients.
  • To develop a remote team of Level 1 to Level 3 technical support who could integrate into Steve’s Cloud and IT Support services seamlessly and support his growth into new markets, while maintaining an efficient operating cost.


  • Stage 1: A six-month program, starting with the recruitment of a Microsoft Certified Professional in the Philippines who specializes in Windows Server Management.
  • Stage 2: Develop that first offshore staff from level 2 to level 3 support and expand his offshore team members up to 5 to scale up his capacity in accommodating multiple and varying technical support requirements from his clients, as his business grows.

Impact on business

Steve was able to grow and expand his services and his team, cost-efficiently. His team also became more dynamic and significantly improved the response time when resolving tickets.


PBO Global has played a critical role in our transformation. They partnered with us right from the concept stage to helping us implement this transformation. The detailed, fact based approach, their understanding of organizational issues and the ability to align stakeholders to keep the initiative moving rapidly in our complex organization was exemplary. The PBO Global team has also demonstrated a strong commitment and accountability to help us identify and capture the envisaged value. They continue to be our trusted partner in the journey to the new ICT operating model, a vision that was shaped with their support


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