No. There is no minimum or maximum number of staff that you can hire through PBOGlobal. In fact, you can get even just one virtual staff to work for whatsoever function you’d want to outsource. We only ask that if you require a larger number we work very closely with on developing a solution that works!

We can support almost any role to be outsourced however we have some areas that we specialise in, here are some to consider; Legal, Accounting and Book Keeping, General Administration, Reception, Data Analysis, Web Development, Business Intelligence Programming, Social Media Development, Marketing and IT helpdesk

For the time being, you might want to make a list of things which you think your business can do and do without or let others do for you. But we’d advise you to talk to us directly or send to us your requirements to help you determine which processes of your business

The most frequently asked of almost all questions about outsourcing and the most difficult to give an exact figure how much it will cost to outsource through PBOGlobal.

The overall cost will vary from organisation to organisation particularly as it grows. Many organisation may want the same people but will have the team completing different tasks as required. We have a wide range of ways to bundle this for you.

Depending on your requirements, you can opt for just one of the services or both of the following:

  • Hourly – Here, you will be charged in an hourly rate for the service of our virtual services.
  • Set Fee – We will bill you a set fee for work performed, and this is often applied to specialized services like web design, graphic work, and more.

For each virtual staff that you will hire through us, you will be charged a fixed monthly fee based on the staff skills and expertise you require. Our virtual staff fee will cover all the costs relative to employee’s wages, benefits and remuneration packages, Annual leave and even health benefits. We also bundle in the costs associated with office space, computer equipment’s, and management.

Our Recruitment process is robust. During the recruitment process we typically receive many times the required amount of applicants for a role. Our testing and interview process removes those that do not have the required talent for the role, however it may be that many applicants have the talent. We keep these talented individuals on file for unexpected growth!

We also offer a range of incentives to our team for referring fantastic candidates and are in regular contact with local institutions for up and coming college graduates.

Having a team outsourced is not a magic formulae, it requires hard work, dedication and great communication. You need to consider the outsourced team as your team, just sitting in another office, except the office isn’t in your country.

They should be included on emails, meetings and communication pieces as is appropriate for their role. You should conduct reviews and general discussions around their work daily if the role requires it or weekly if necessary.

Outsourcing gives your company access to high-value virtual talent who will do the job or a function for you at only a fraction of the cost you’ll have to pay for a staff from your home country. Plus, when you outsource through PBOGlobal, we make sure that you’ll work with the best talent around.

Hiring a virtual staff with us is cost-effective. Your savings out of your staffing costs can then be converted or diverted into other operational requirements of your business. Plus, outsourcing allows you to focus on your core business functions, which can be helpful in the long run, profitably.

Outsourcing that has been well considered, well planned and measured weekly will ensure that you do have a competitive advantage, but it is not magic, only effort.

PBOGlobal takes your IP very seriously. All team members have Police clearances and we use Defence grade security to run our IT network.

All staff sign contracts to protect the client, this is not just for the privacy of the detail but also to protect and uphold the companies values around their clients Intellectual Property. All employees have to agree on a clause that states that all work they create is the property of the client and it cannot be reproduced without permission of the client.

Our IT protocols allow access for some users on some sites to some folders and drives but never all. All users are never allowed their cell phones at their workstations, the use of USB drives is blocked and all staff computers never allow for screen shots.

At the request of some clients we can also implement fingerprint scanners on keyboards for some activities and also software that monitors key strokes, there may be some minor costs involved.

We also recommend blocking all non-relevant websites for their role. In many instances we find that the data security in our centres is more stringent than those of the host country.

Our staff work om Amazon Web Servers. All data us accessed virtually, data is only retained should you the client request this.

In the end this team is yours, we manage them and they sit as a part of our larger team. In the end they complete work as directed by you to the standard required by you. We act as a support team to ensure that the roles are filled, the work is complete and the customer experience is excellent.

The truth is, you will actually have an increased control over your staff through PBOGlobal because we support you in finding, recruiting, training and equipping members of your virtual team.

The team is available throughout the day to speak directly to, this also includes our Team Leaders and Floor Managers.




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