PBO Global specializes in Professional Business Outsourcing.

We’ve been a trusted choice of small and medium sized companies in Australia since 2015 and in the United States since 2020.  Throughout years of partnership and constant innovation, we were able to develop a cost-effective, flexible and scalable outsourcing models in the areas of Legal Process Outsourcing, Accounting and Administration and Technical Services.

Our Vision

We support the vision of businesses that want to evolve and we take advantage of the many emerging trends driving their business.   Because of our technology advantage, high degree of security, flexibility and ability to create bespoke solutions, we became a partner of companies in Australia and the US that want to attain such vision through modern-day outsourcing.

At PBO Global, we enable cost-effective solutions allowing businesses to create high-value services that support their customers’ requirements, deliver sustained competitive business advantages and achieve scale.

We don’t believe in “One Size, Fits All” approach. Primarily, our success in helping you achieve great results in outsourcing lies on making sure we understand your business and your goals very well. So, grab a tea or coffee and discover how our clients began their journey and reached the best outsourcing experience with us.


We have a range of facilities and services to ensure that the transition to your new team is simple. Our fees include:

  • All infrastructure costs: office space, equipment, basic software, fiber internet connection with redundancy, furniture, electricity with backup power and public utilities
  • Recruitment and on-boarding costs
  • Health and Medical Care Benefits for your staff
  • Management (support) staff services: on site HR manager, IT Administrator, Group Accountant, Operational Manager

Excluded in any monthly fee arrangements unless agreed to:

  • Specific Software licenses and development tools for your business
  • Specialized hardware that may be organization specific


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