Size Matters in Outsourcing

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More and more Australian companies are now realizing the real value of outsourcing for their business which goes beyond reducing cost.  If you haven’t heard that outsourcing can be your next strategic decision to use better resources and ensuring business efficiency, today may be the best time to call potential professional outsourcing partner and expert BPO companies you may know (or have Googled!).

However, getting yourself started with outsourcing is not a walk in the park.  To utilize the full potential of outsourcing for your business, you should really pay utmost attention to your soon-to-be outsourcing provider and set affirmative selection criteria that matches your business goals and culture.

Apart from their pricing models, scalability and recruitment process – would you agree that the size of your potential outsourcing partner matters too?  I know what you’re thinking – bigger is better, or is it?

Small is Great

Alongside credibility, capacity, competence and culture – one overlooked factor by many Australian businesses choosing to outsource is the size of the BPO company itself.  It is true that both small and big size companies have their own advantages and disadvantages.  But in an outsourcing environment where value is driven by the quality of service and genuine customer-Centricity, small and manageable team-sized outsourcing companies like PBO Global may deliver more as compared to the bigger ones.  Here’s why:

Personalised Professional Service

Different strokes for different folks. Small-sized outsourcing companies have the capability to offer bespoke outsourcing solutions for your business.  Because of its manageable size, it can afford to be more flexible in integrating outsourcing models to your business.  Further, it can carry-out a focused, fully hands-on approach in your on-boarding process into the BPO dynamic.  Most importantly, you will achieve more active participation from their Australian directors or senior management team, particularly in addressing your major issues or concerns.

Customized Recruitment and Staff Management

A small size outsourcing company can maintain a closer relationship with its clients because bureaucratic or procedural processes are kept at a minimum. Therefore, there is more collaborative set-up between you and the BPO management team in matters of recruitment and management of your offshore team.  Small size BPOs are capable of paying more attention to “quality” of recruits as they don’t do massive hiring, expedited interviews and screening process for the sake of satisfying large number of seats.  Because they are focused more on the quality of the people who works for them, you would expect that they tend to be more conservative in choosing, employing and managing their own staff – which in turn benefits you as the recipient of that staff’s service.

Intimate and Ethical Business Relationship

More often, large BPOs have to maintain and even continuously increase their existing large-seat capacity.  In reality, they rarely discriminate short-term, low-margin contracts just to keep their numbers relatively large.  It may be commercially benefiting in the short-term but it often leads to higher client or staff attrition, making themselves trapped in operating with large “churn and burn” approach.

On the other hand, smaller BPOs are focused in establishing more intimate relations with their existing clients in exchange for longer and a higher margin.  They tend to move away from cut-throat competition that compromises the quality of service.  By having such objective, the relationship between you and the outsource provider develops into much more of a partnership – a set-up that best suits small and mid-size businesses.

It is important that an outsourcing partner recognizes the uniqueness of your business because it is through this approach that an effective outsource model can be created to meet and deliver the value your business seeks to obtain.  Just like in any successful venture, the element of genuine partnership is one of the essential keys.  And much to your surprise, great and genuine partnership are often found from humble packages than in big boxes.

Find out more how our clients have proven that good things come from small packages when it comes to outsourcing.  We have more time than others to discuss this with you, personally.

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